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An international evaluation on the proposed National Fern Conservation Centre project, Fairylake Botanical Garden
Time: 2014-4-25 Click: 1433


On 25th April, 2014, Fairylake Botanical Garden organized  an international evaluation on the proposed  National Fern Conservation Centre. Participating specialists included Professor Xian-Chun Zhang from Institute of Botany (CAS), Professor Jin-Shuang Ma from Shanghai Chenshan Plant Science Research Center (CAS), Professor Yun-Fei Deng from South China Botanical Garden (CAS), Professor Harald Schneider from Natural History Museum, and Professor Harry Wiriadinata from Herbarium Bogoriense, Indonesia Institute of Science. Major points based on the evaluation are as follows: 1) Fairylake Botanical Garden has the richest living collections of ferns in mainland China. It is highly recommended to promote it to a national-level conservation center; 2) This center will play more important role in terms of conservation and research around the world in the future.  (Conservation Department).





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