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Admission prices
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Total fare
Adults and Children over 1.5 meters in height: 20 Yuan

Half fare
1. Children 1.2—1.5 meters in height: 10 Yuan
2. Full-time students of colleges, secondary, primary school students with valid identification: 10 Yuan
Group tickets
1. Social groups over 500 people: 15 Yuan per person
2. Tourist groups over 20 people: 15 Yuan per person
3. Student groups with valid IDs: free admission for two teachers every 50 students

Free admission:
1. Children under 1.2 meters in height (Children’s heights are subject to measure)
2. Seniors over 60 years old (with valid identification)
3. Disabled persons (with valid identification)
4. Soldiers in service (with valid identification)
5. Practicing Buddhists (with valid identification / with the Refuge Certificate)
6. Official visitors and invited guests.
Concessions during holidays




March 8


half price

May 4

young adults under 28
(with valid identification)

half price

June 1 

children under 1.5 meters   


August 1

(with valid identification)

half price


(with teacher certificate)

half price


Admission for vehicles
Coaches with less than 20 seats          5 Yuan per vehicle
Coaches with 20 to 39 seats             10 Yuan per vehicle
Coaches with more than 39 seats         15 Yuan per vehicle
























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