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Aimed at preparing for the 19th International Botany Conference with the demand for a worldwide famous botanical garden of first-class professional standards, scenery, and the collective level of strategic plant resources, the Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden has steadily promoted its work and achieved certain achievements in 2013.

Basing on “the key laboratory of South Asia tropical plant diversity in Shenzhen” and “the ecological research center in Shenzhen,” we fully carried out the research on comprehensive botany, plant resources, and human settlement. We published the new species of ferns called tree ferns. Meanwhile, the essay “ The Germplasm Innovation and Utility of Magnoliaceae” won third place in the Science and Technology Progress competition in Guangdong Province. The collaborative work “The Vegetation Restoration of Road Slope and Bare Mountain and Eco-protection Technology” was also awarded third place in the Science and Technology Progress of Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture competition. In 2013 our garden introduced 1020 species to its confines and collected 1721 species, which contains approximately 1500 kinds in all.

With academic exchanges and scientific education going hand in hand, we lay good foundation for advocating the 19th International Botany Conference.  The cooperative agreements with the Peabody Natural History Museum of Yale University have been signed to carry out the systematic classification and conservation research of viburnum plants. Besides, there have been hosted a series of activities, such as the Science Education Exhibition with events called “Symphony of Pineapples,” “a Hundred Photographers in the Fairy Lake Botanical Garden,” “the Essay Competition of 30th Anniversary of the Garden.”

In order to have a vibrantly active showings at the 19th International Botany Conference, we reinforced the management of tourism service and strengthened infrastructure. In 2013 our garden received 3,497,000 tourists in all. Because of this situation, the garden decreased the time based entrance fee and launched the sightseeing electric minibus around the Garden. The garden management team gradually improved its infrastructure, enhanced the scenery quality of specific gardens, and completed, altogether eight items of the construction project this year

In 2014, according to the requirement of the City Urban Management Bureau and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, we will continue to make efforts to accomplish the following work on the main thread of the preparation for the 19th International Botany Conference, in the aspects of professional standards, scenery construction and the collective level of strategic plant resources.

Firstly, through carrying out a series of essential scientific research projects holding important international influence, like “ Gnetaceae Plant Genomics Systematic Research,” we will fully promote our professionalism and do our utmost to manifest “Shen zhen quality” in botany research perspectives in the 19th International Botany Conference.
Secondly, by enhancing and rebuilding the infrastructure inside the garden district and constructing the new specific gardens and display greenhouses, we, overall, update the standard of our view of the Garden, including promoting and perfecting roads and footpaths inside the Garden, advancing the Wetland ecological park, Shade Plants Zone, and other special class parks as well as completing the construction of display greenhouses and botany science research centers.

Thirdly, with the implementation of collective projects of strategic plant resources as well as the establishment and perfection of “One bank and two centers” project, namely, constructing “the National Gene Bank and Fairy Lake Botanical Resource Bank,” “the National Fern Living Off-Site Conservation Center” and “South Asia Tropical Plant Germplasm Resource Center.” No efforts will be spared to collect 12,000 kinds of strategic plant resources in the Garden to reach the international standard.







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