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Introduction to science popularization education

As many may know, it is an important performance for a botanical garden to have a foothold in the society and to realize its social value when we propagate botany knowledge to the public. With the vital mission of spreading botany science knowledge and popularizing ecological environment education, our garden takes an active part in exploring science popularization as well as innovation, and has carried out varieties of scientific education activities together with important festivals like “the National Science and Technology Week,” “National Science Popularization Day,” ” Academic activity Day,” “International Day for Biological Diversity,”  “ International Loving Bird Day,” which attract the wide participation and attention from society.

As a member of the Botanical Garden Conservation International (BGCI) and China Biodiversity Conservation Fund, the Fairy Lake Botanical Garden takes full advantage of the facilities, such as its abundant plant resources and the science popularization exhibition hall, as well as the characteristic scenic paleontology museum to carry out the information sharing activities on knowledge of botany and paleontology. The activities can be listed as follows: the botanical garden administration, alongside CCTV co-filmed a science education video and also held science popularization exhibitions with various themes like “Plant Evolution,” “the Global Change and the Education of Our Situation,” “the Dwarf of the Plant Kingdom - Mosses”. The garden has been the practice base for university students, technical secondary school students and middle school students, including Hong Kong Baptist University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Zhong Shan University, the Agricultural University Of South China, Shenzhen University, Luohu Foreign Languages School and so on. The Fairy Lake Botanical Garden has been entitled “The Young People Science and Technology Education Base” in the year 2002 “the Popular Science Education Base in Guang Dong” in 2005 and “the National Popular Science Base” in 2006.

As the only popular science education base nationwide in Shenzhen with the research on plant field, the Fairy Lake Botanical Garden undertakes responsibility on popular science education of botany and its information sharing activities. Not only does the garden provide the practice base and popular science education base for students, but also it holds various kinds of characteristic popular science educational activities relevant to plants, environment and biodiversity, which has made great contributions to raising  awareness of protecting the environment and biodiversity and cultivating the talents in botany research.








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